Darker Times

by The Surviving Kenneallys

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released March 4, 2015

Recorded, produced, and mastered by Nate Wieselquist.



all rights reserved


The Surviving Kenneallys Cambridge, Massachusetts

Joseph Kenneally - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Brighid McHugh Mullane - Fiddle/Vocals
Jesse Wellman - Banjo/Vocals
Ryan Dalley - Guitar/Vocals
Ian Dalley - Bass Guitar
Stephen Boyd - Mandolin

Let's rock.
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Track Name: Breakfast Counter
I never get tired of being ignored
It was nothing i did until that turned to a story
And i only wanted truth that id found
In my hardened heart when i let you down

I remember sitting down on sidewalks slowed
My heart racing young and my eyesight low
Oh soft, we're late, we were always late
Drowning in the wine and the evening glow

We wrote this down together and you heard me through
I leaned so heavy and we felt so damn new
It was only i never saw how lost id become
In the fall i was broken and numb

I was always leaving and alone i was tried
My boots lost their shine and my face filled with lines
The exposure left open spoiled our focused lies
oh the winter, she robbed me blind

and i didn’t get to thank you for all that time i spent wasting away
the bottoms of bottles i found finding my way

so if you’re looking for me later on
though i know you never will
cause i’m a bastard lost in a grudge match
that i was never gonna win
i’ll be sitting at the breakfast counter
counting my change for a desperate coffee
and when i leave by the back door
i’ll be leaving alone
Track Name: Lately
it’s the way that i’ve been lately
too far from all that sanity
you’ve been dragging me up, i’ve been bringing you down
don’t forget to call me while i’m still around

hold on, slow me down, it’s all a lie
i’m the rougher type and i don’t know why
try to make out the scrawl on the notebook lines
all i do i do so i can call you mine

it gets better no it doesn’t believe my tongue
god damn i was the one
so don’t take me wrong i got nothing to hide
backed against the wall to make me cry

and the stronger now solemn how’s and the i don’t knows
the long lonesome type you know how it goes
take a swing make it hurt, make me fall to the ground
it’s the way i been since i showed up in town

i’ve been out too late in this town without my shoes
i’d never thought i’d have any reason for the blues
but my hat fell in the dust and i lost the fight you knew
don’t trust a man who’s eyes you can't see through

so tell me i reached you at the wrong time
did we fall out of touch before you fell into mine
something’s saying that the air was heavier
the poet buried his heart in the earth
Track Name: Darker Times
some people are a memory, cold blooded statues with nothing to see
other walks of life on the road i meet, never stopped to slow it down
undressed in a sidelong glance, scripts that die hungry in the crowded west
longer than expected but it’s never enough, to hold the diamonds in your crown

under cover trying hard or fast to slip the corpse quick under your carpeted flask
seven hundred hundred dollars in a suitcase just to make your mind clean of the day
sometimes i try to clear my head, mark myself lonesome callous and dead
stop catch fire with a cigarette you know it’s not nothing to say

and I don’t mind, if you don’t mind, just don’t pick up the starlit lines
trying to watch out of both of your eyes, reaching back into darker times
and i’ll be there caught in the seams

situation lost in a sit down meal, it’s a hundred degrees of rock bottom in here
lack of empathy has gone over my head, it’s a cellophane mixup trace
i’ll run if you say run, i’ll go over the plan in my clouded neurons
say another time and another place, strike down the fallacies disgraced
Track Name: Broken Record
well Iied about the prospects of making up our time
i'm still smarting from the way you left me hanging out to dry
don't cheat yourself in thinking i'll always be this blind
i don't need your love and i don't need your lies

yeah i've made mistakes i've lost a lot of faith
but the sorry lord above needs to stop losing my grace
i'll call you when i'm hopeless burned out and misplaced
and i'm all out of begging and i'm all out of saving face

don't cross your fingers don't you say you know me
when the only time i control my temper's when i'm shackled down and lonely
and i'll never slow down from my stumbling around
so just let that needle down on those 45s spinning that mercy

so back off 'till i'm satisfied the next street over will do
do you understand my silence do you understand my truth
don't go running with your tail between your legs
the interstate is lonely without me so why don't you keep it company

well Iilied about the prospects of making up our time
i'm still smarting from the way you left me hanging out to dry
don't cheat yourself in thinking i'll always be this kind
i don't need your love and i don't need your lies
Track Name: All In
you couldn’t tell me nothing i don’t know about me
i’ve paid my debt if you’ll remember all i never see
i’m broken in my bones of late it’s a surface thing i swear
it’s the ballast i seemed to never hold that broke so worse for wear

and i’m killing all my demons on a sunday lost for good
get to where i’m going if i use up all my will

it’s the architecture’s balance that’s been pushing me to this
just remember how i used to be and how we just exist
but it’s never good enough for us we want the world in hands
i’ll give you all i’ve got to give i’ll give everything that i am

and it’s too late to turn back i’m all in with you don’t you know
i’ll be kneeling at the altar of the passion lying in your soul

don’t forget to turn out the light or even turn out tonight
it’s the first of many chances that we have to make it seem wise
that we left a million fires burning right there on the city streets
i’ll always think of how you looked and how said you’d never leave without me
Track Name: Hospital White & Sane
saw me wake up slowly - dreamt i never knew your name
would you lie there for me - before i go away
retrace my self portraits - until i lose my mind
barely breathing but i ain't closing my eyes
so you know me now but you didn't cross that line

sometimes I just ain't myself, when i've gone over the edge
i become that sorry fool you wish you never knew or never met
even the loneliest bars won't hold me even the darkest nights won't do
i tried and i tried but i only left you wishing i'd never come through

I grew up in the suburbs, hospital white and sane
did you know my taste did you know my name
settled down broken saddled up lonely
saw the iron slowly through the window panes
sat on the edge of the railway hollow
looking like hell, feeling like tomorrow
understanding nothing about what i know
realizing everything i had was borrowed
Track Name: Holy Ghost
I’ve got a lot if you’ll be true
sit through hell just to tell it to you
reprimand your last cigarette
this heart i lost it too
smear your name all over this town
forget what you know nothing about
my boots are fastened on like a coffin
i slept through the worst of it

oh my god are you the most
the bible pages dissolved in the host
set the record straight if you can
it’s honorable to shoot where you stand
underneath the last of the shreds
dignity lies under looser threads
it’s an honest living to till this old land
but not with devil holding your hand

so reach your arms around this holy ghost

so are you alone or did you come with an army
of thoughtless dreamers here to surround me
the rivers collide in an augmented high
if you’ll just sit quietly for a second
i’ll calm down my breaths i’ll slow down my pulse
the ocean it flows through each of us
when i raise up my hand to strike down your idols
remind me i’m nothing, a sinner, a milestone